My fascination and curiosity of the human voice is an anchor for all my work. The idea of voice as an identity is a constant theme I like to pick apart and rearrange to ask more questions. Right now, I’m asking: “Where did I come from?” I’m also VERY into puppets.

“So what have you been up to??” or “Cool, what are you working on these days?” or “Nice, so what do you do?” or “Upcoming”

Notable collaborators include: El Puente Bushwick Leadership Center, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Champion Beatboxers Mark Martin and Kaila Mullady, Rotem Sivan, Composer Sxip Shirey and Coco Karol, LaMama ETC, Superhero Clubhouse, Merry Conway (Clowning), SITI Company, Loco7 Dance Puppet Theater, Theodora Skipitares, Jane Catherine Shaw, Ma-Yi Theatre Company, National Asian Artists Project, InTandem Lab, Yara Arts Group, Moscow ART, Elizabeth Swados, Joe's Pub, National Sawdust, The Tank, The Brick, and Dixon Place.