Co-written: Social agency through collaborative songwriting and performance


Co-written is a series of collaborative songwriting and performance workshops in New York by artist and educator Chris Ignacio and local musicians for young people of color. Co-written is the recipient of the 2018 Queens Council on the Arts: Community Engagement Commissioning grant, as well as a Culture Push Fellowship on Utopian Practice.


Big Green Theater @ Bushwick Starr

The ninth annual Big Green Theater eco-playwriting program for public elementary students culminates April 25-28 with performances of kid-written eco-plays, fully staged, sustainably designed, and performed by an ensemble of adult artists! BGT 9.0 marks nearly a decade collaborating with The Bushwick Starr to engage kids in environmental justice and theater-making. 


April 25-28

Thursday at 7pm (PS75): Free!
Friday at 6:30pm (PS239): $50 Benefit Event + Performance
Saturday at 1pm (PS75) + 4pm (PS239): Free!
Sunday at 1pm (PS239) + 4pm (PS75): Free!

On This Side of the World


Stories of domestic workers, young lovers, judgmental church ladies, selfless overseas fathers, undocumented immigrants, and millennials living their best lives on social media. On This Side of the World is a theatrical song cycle capturing voices from the Filipino immigrant experience in the United States. Through fourteen musical monologues, the cycle lifts up the stories of new immigrants and the children of immigrant families. What emerges is a mosaic of love and loss, humor and heartache, yearning and faith eight thousand miles from home. 

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On This Side of the World was developed through a residency at Access Theater and is presented by Three Hares.

Composer/ Lyricist- Paulo K Tiról
Director- Noam Shapiro
Producer- Ayana Parker Morrison
Music Director- Ian Phillip Miller
Stage Manager- Angela Griggs

Belinda Allyn*
Diane de Boer-Phelan*
Joanne Javien Coudriet*
Sam Simahk*
Chris Ignacio*
Michael Protacio

*Designates member of AEA

February 15th @ 8PM
February 18th @ 3PM

2019 Exponential Festival: Duet-ed

“A series of one-on-one performances prompts us to reflect on the nature of intimacy” - Asya Gorovits, No Proscenium. Full article HERE


The Exponential Festival, a month-long January festival for NYC-based emerging artists working in experimental performance, is proud to present the world premiere production of Duet-ed by What Holds Heat. 

Read the full Broadway World article HERE

Their food tastes better when they see us starving (or, coriolanus) @ The Brick

39747756_257704248190522_6068622483819331584_o (1).jpg

Adapted by Chris Tyler 
Directed by Anne Ciarlone

Featuring Andrew D'Anneo, Madeleine Dauer, Chris Ignacio, Molly Jones, Yael Rizowy, Tricia Sorresso
Stage managed by Callan Gies
Designed by Sonya Plenefisch
Produced by Sarah George & Charles Quittner

A warhawk fights to appeal to the same plebeians she holds in utter contempt... A feverish collision of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and Brecht’s unfinished adaptation by the same name, this devised multimedia work hypertextually explores the volatile nature of democracy and the complicated role the military-industrial complex plays in the continued subjugation of working-class people around the world.

There's Blood at the Wedding: Songs for Lorca


There's Blood at the Wedding is set within six giant-scale pop-up book constructions, through which we reflect on the lives and deaths of six victims of police violence: Sandra Bland, Sean Bell, Philando Castile, Justine Damond, Amadou Diallo, and Eric Garner. Sxip Shirey composes and performs original songs and music. Fragments of Lorca's masterpiece connect a Circle of Mothers--the mothers of the American victims--with the grieving mothers of the classic Spanish play.

May 17, 2018 - June 3, 2018

Thursday to Saturday at 8pm; Sunday at 4pm* (Sunday 5/20 at 5pm)




Solstice Party! World Premiere

written by Susan Soon He Stanton

featuring performances by Satomi Blair, Phoebe Dunn, Hallie Hadara, Chris Ignacio, Patrick Andrew Jones, Michael Vitaly Sazonov & Stephanie Weeks

Director: Tyler Mercer
Scenic Design: Bryce Cutler
Costume Design: Angela Harner
Lighting Design: Mary Ellen Stebbins
Associate Lighting Designer: Keithlyn B. Parkman
Sound Design & Original Music: Adrian Bridges
Projections Design: Kevan Loney
Prop Master: Brett Warkne
Stage Manager: Jamie Rose Bukowski
Assistant Stage Manager: Kailie White
Production Manager: Timothy Semon
Technical Director: Greg Brown
Fight Choreographer: Mitch McCoy
Press Rep: David Gibbs/DARR Publicity

Produced by Live Source Theatre Group

DARKFEST July 27th, at The Tank

SHOT IN THE DARK: A variety show of work all done with no lights from our grid as part of our annual summer Dark Fest!

Photo Cred: Atticus Media Productions

I Once Found Myself in an Isolation Chamber

A man finds himself in a closet that he’s paid to be locked inside of for an hour. A less than amused dominatrix sits eating Chinese food outside the closet door. The man realizes that his intense need to claim an identity only leads him into further isolation, and that none of it matters if no one knows about it anyway. Through shadow puppetry, projections, an unsettlingly familiar soundscape and distorted lenses, we witness an absurd proclamation of identity in front of a false, time sensitive audience.


The Living Stage- with Superhero Clubhouse

The Living Stage combines theatrical design, permaculture, and community engagement to create a recyclable, biodegradable, and edible performance space. The NYC version of The Living Stage will feature a lush, living stage situated amidst the urban landscape of the Lower East Side. Created and constructed by Superhero Clubhouse in partnership with community groups, this space is then inhabited by performances made for and by the community. 

English - Postcard Front.png


by Eunsung Kim; translated by Dayoung Jeong
Desperate to reunite with her parents, a North Korean defector decides to return to her nation’s capital, Pyongyang. All she needs is 50 million won. Thus she is forced to navigate South Korean capitalism.


Sxip's Hour of Charm @ National Sawdust, Feat. Basil Twist

Sxip’s Hour of Charm (N.S. #2) “Signals and Latency”

A night of absurdly beautiful sounds inspired by thoughts of Amelia Earhart and David Bowie.

A glass harmonica and glass armonica duet between Cinder Talk aka Jonny Rogers and Jake Schlaerth.

Todd Reynolds with his ever evolving digital fiddle which now includes a modular synth from the analog world

The beautiful songs and composition of Aaron Roche with string quartet.

Sxip Shirey will present a new composition “Amelia Earhart Found” whichfeatures morse code poetry snuck intopizzicato strings and the sound of his grandfather’s morse code key. This performance features Basil Twist with Stickman and the next evolution of “Latency” wtih dancer Coco Karol and violinist Rima Fand featuring a series of cell phones calling each other with speakers on to create latency loops.

October: Undefined Fraction by Loco7 @ Panamerican Routes Fest. in Toronto, CA

La MaMa in association with Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre presents

Undefined Fraction

Inspired by Pedro Calderón de la Barca’s play, Life’s a Dream

Conceived and Adapted by Federico Restrepo & Denise Greber
Directed, Choreographed and Designed by Federico Restrepo
Music Composed by Tareke Ortiz
Costume Design by Becky Hubbert