Chris Ignacio

Chris Ignacio

Actor, Singer, Puppeteer in NYC.



Chris Ignacio is a New York based theatre artist, musician, puppeteer, and educator. He studied at the Boston Conservatory and has performed / taught nationally and abroad since then. He formerly served as the Associate Producer for Ma-Yi Theater Company


I am constantly examining the phenomenon of the human voice and movement. I am also fascinated by puppets and how we see ourselves in them. 
My curiosity towards the voice and body extends throughout all my work; whether through the disproportioned, exaggerated life of the clown, the commercial voice over actor, a non-vocal dancing object/puppet, or the naked vulnerability of a singer onstage. The concept of voice as identity is a constant theme being picked apart and rearranged to ask more questions.
It is my aim to work with audiences (particularly marginalized and underserved communities) toward an empowering self-actualization through movement and voice work. I hope to encourage the materialization of the richness of their imaginations into meaningful works of art. Sharing insight into the process of knowing oneself is, in my opinion, an invaluable gift we can offer as artists.

Other notable collaborators include: Composer Gene Sxip Shirey, HERE Arts Center, InTandem Lab, Merry Conway (Clowning), SITI Company, Loco7 Dance Puppet Theater, Theodora Skipitares, Ma-Yi Theatre Company, National Asian Artists Project (NAAP), Broadway Barkada, Yara Arts Group, Watoku Ueno, Moscow ART, Elizabeth Swados, Joe's Pub, Live Source Theater Group, and Dixon Place.

Love, Chris