Chris Ignacio

singer, actor, puppeteer

Chris Ignacio

Actor, Singer, Puppeteer in NYC.

DARKFEST July 27th, at The Tank

SHOT IN THE DARK: A variety show of work all done with no lights from our grid as part of our annual summer Dark Fest!

Photo Cred: Atticus Media Productions

I Once Found Myself in an Isolation Chamber

A man finds himself in a closet that he’s paid to be locked inside of for an hour. A less than amused dominatrix sits eating Chinese food outside the closet door. The man realizes that his intense need to claim an identity only leads him into further isolation, and that none of it matters if no one knows about it anyway. Through shadow puppetry, projections, an unsettlingly familiar soundscape and distorted lenses, we witness an absurd proclamation of identity in front of a false, time sensitive audience.


The Living Stage- with Superhero Clubhouse

The Living Stage combines theatrical design, permaculture, and community engagement to create a recyclable, biodegradable, and edible performance space. The NYC version of The Living Stage will feature a lush, living stage situated amidst the urban landscape of the Lower East Side. Created and constructed by Superhero Clubhouse in partnership with community groups, this space is then inhabited by performances made for and by the community. 

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September: In Concert With Billy Lloyd @ Joe's Pub

Billy Lloyd returns to Joe’s Pub on September 3rd just over a year after moving to New York to live. The first of a string of shows across the globe, the show sees Lloyd at their most musically realized. With a backing choir and intricate re-workings of songs from all three EPs, this is both a thoughtful rounding up of the previous few years and a perfect introduction to their work for the unfamiliar. 

Directed and produced by Charles Quittner
Heather Annbithell
Chris Ignacio
Wayne Arthur Paul

Tickets $12, all ages.

Next Up: Theatreworks Silicon Valley, New Works Fest


Book, Music, & Lyrics by Min Kahng
Based on Manga Yonin Shosei by Henry Yoshitaka Kiyama
Translated as The Four Immigrants by Frederik L. Schodt
Directed by Leslie Martinson

In a comic musical drawn from one of the first graphic novels ever created, four endearing Japanese immigrants discover turn-of-the-twentieth-century America as a world of both possibility and prejudice. Can they succeed with limited options in the land of opportunity?

8/14 @ 7:30pm • 8/18 @ 8pm • 8/20 @ 8pm